Seven Tips for Protecting Devices against Cyber Attack

Seven Tips for Protecting Devices against Cyber Attack

New technology promises each day to make our life easier in many convenient ways but the convenience sometime may come at a cost of losing very important things in life.

A cyber attack can be defined in a way “the worst use of technological innovation to penetrate into the private information of someone with some criminal purpose”.  Even the products claiming to be the most secured are also not foolproof or without any flaws. The “Wannacry” ransomware appeared to have used one of the flaws of Microsoft’s software but the true identity of hackers has not been yet discovered. To trace the victims of cyber crime is not that tough but finding the culprit is not at all an easy game. In India, too as a result of demonetization, there is a wave of digitization which makes the whole system more vulnerable & hence it is advisable to stay one step ahead of these criminals & follow these tips to reduce the risk to a great extent.

External Vs Internal Storage:

Once lost is lost forever hence it is advisable to keep a copy of all important documents. We save a wide variety of info on our computer like important contacts and bank account details etc. An external hard drive not connected to the internet can be the best solution to help you not worry about the data loss.

No to unknown mails

The whole game plan is about sending the fraud mails in the name of reputed companies & then asking the user to provide very private & secret information related to credit cards etc. is called as Phishing. Always be cautious before opening the mails from unknown domains, questionable apps or unknown websites.

Yes to Antivirus

Again not all but a percentage of antivirus are capable of detecting & neutralizing the infections. Use antivirus programs from reputable vendors only. Antivirus software can also detect an already existing infection. Scanning files before downloading, blocking secret installations can also be controlled by antivirus software.

Strong Passwords

Instead of using passwords using phrases as your security code are more protective.  On the deep web by gathering some information passwords can be cracked. It is important to change default logins as well.

Download the Newest Version

According to Chris Wysopal, (the chief technology officer of Veracode) the Microsoft released a patch to protect from wannacry & if people had updated their software perhaps such level of disaster would not have happened. Whichever operating system you may use it is imperative to enhance & update security systems regularly.


When it comes to cyber devices it means all gadgets connected to the internet which could be CCTV, TV, or even a baby monitor which is meant to keep your baby secure can do very opposite. To block any kind of incoming & outgoing connections install a firewall.

Beware of using public networks

People in our country stand on top for watching Porn stuff and they prefer public Wi-Fi than the personal one for it. Sometimes hackers’ use social media by designing various games & the moment you give it a click you become the victim.

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