Multi Factor Authentication: Secure the Access to Corporate Networks

Multi Factor Authentication: Secure the Access to Corporate Networks

Gone are the days when the password security was considered enough for protecting the data but with the new technologies and techniques getting introduced every day the credentials are very easy to compromise which puts the companies at high risk. For the identification of the wrong methods, Multi factor authentication was introduced which can also protect the corporate data.

Before the introduction of Multi factor authentication, two-factor authentication was used by the companies such as Google and Twitter which is nothing but a two-step verification of the authenticity of the user who is accessing the system or application. 2FA for google apps involves identification of the users in 2 steps the first step involves entering the password by the user and the second step has different options to choose from such as adding the phone to the account so that next time you try to access the account from another device you can acknowledge the sign-in from your phone.

What is MFA?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is used by the companies to protect their information from any kind of breach and to Secure Corporate Mails as well. MFA adds an extra layer of the security for the protection of the sensitive information from any kind of leakage.

Need for Multi Factor Authentication

With the introduction of more apps which are cloud based and mobile, it becomes really easy for the users to access them as they can be accessed anywhere and anytime but it also creates more security issues and MFA mitigates all the security risks involved in these apps even with a single sign on option. Furthermore, everyday new vulnerabilities and the security threats are affecting the enterprises as well as the businesses which have arisen a need for an authentication method that can be scalable to according to the future needs. MFA is achieved by the authentication of the passwords or PIN, tokens, smartcards, and the biometrics also.

Benefits of Multi Factor Authentication:

  • It provides the high security to the enterprise user both internally as well as externally.
  • It balances the security with the convenience and affordability
  • Eliminates all the gaps in the security that were there in 2FA on VPN
  • Protect the different resources of the organization as well such as servers, end points, VPN’s and much more.
  • Reduced cost as well as complexity

Easy to implement authentication factor.

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