How to Protect Your Computer from Ransomware?

How to Protect Your Computer from Ransomware?

Want to safeguard your business against the ill-attacks of the ransomware that gave the global arena of the cyber security platform a huge blow? Ransomware, in this case, is being referred to the attacks of the Petya or Not Petya and also the WannaCry which created a huge stir in the esteemed economies of the European countries and certain Asian and American countries. In this post, the people will learn about the best ways to secure or protect the computing devices against the ill-effects of the malware.

When asked about the effects of the ransomware and its effects, the chief of the security of IBM, Wendy Whitmore, who is also the Global Partner and Lead of IBM’s X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services, said that on the 27th June, several organizations across 65 various nations had been affected by the malware Petya. This ransomware was previously discovered in the year 2016, in the month of March, and it used to spread primarily through email phishing. Hence, there is a growing concern among many individuals to counter this growing threat of ransomware.

When the machine got infected, the ransomware slowly spread itself and then encrypted the data files of the devices. The malware would grant access to the users when they would pay money to the creator of the malware. When the money was paid once, the malware would provide the users with a definite key decrypt or for restoration of the data. This ransomware is still considered to be running wild, and the users are being warned against clicking on to any unknown link before the verification of the source.

The top ways to secure your computing devices against this malware is given below:

Train your employees to be suspicious. They should be advised not to open any email attachments or click any unknown link. The emails, which they are not expecting can contain the source of this malware.

  • The systems should be upgraded with the latest patches of the OS.
  • Blocking specific ports will also be beneficial in this case.
  • The practice of backing up the data files must also be there.
  • Opt for regular visits by expert IT technicians.

Will ransomware attacks again be present on the global stage?

The answer is very much YES. Ransomware will not stop its spread after this incident, in fact, you may not know, there might be hundreds of it out there created already, waiting for the permission from the creators to take down the world, like literally. So what can you do to combat them? The answer lies in the adopting the method of 2FA on VPN for the internal security of the company’s digital working system. Only with the proper implementation of the Two-Factor Authentication, 2FA for Google Apps and also the secure corporate Mails can save the data to get hacked by the digital cons. You can also try to make sure that you always install the latest version of OS in your office and personal computers to keep instances of ransomware attacks at bay.

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