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Multi Factor Authentication: Secure the Access to Corporate Networks

Multi Factor Authentication: Secure the Access to Corporate Networks

Gone are the days when the password security was considered enough for protecting the data but with the new technologies and techniques getting introduced every day the credentials are very easy to compromise which puts the companies at high risk. For the identification of the wrong methods, Multi factor authentication was introduced which can also protect the corporate data.

Before the introduction of Multi factor authentication, two-factor authentication was used by the companies such as Google and Twitter which is nothing but a two-step verification of the authenticity of the user who is accessing the system or application. 2FA for google apps involves identification of the users in 2 steps the first step involves entering the password by the user and the second step has different options to choose from such as adding the phone to the account so that next time you try to access the account from another device you can acknowledge the sign-in from your phone.

What is MFA?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is used by the companies to protect their information from any kind of breach and to Secure Corporate Mails as well. MFA adds an extra layer of the security for the protection of the sensitive information from any kind of leakage.

Need for Multi Factor Authentication

With the introduction of more apps which are cloud based and mobile, it becomes really easy for the users to access them as they can be accessed anywhere and anytime but it also creates more security issues and MFA mitigates all the security risks involved in these apps even with a single sign on option. Furthermore, everyday new vulnerabilities and the security threats are affecting the enterprises as well as the businesses which have arisen a need for an authentication method that can be scalable to according to the future needs. MFA is achieved by the authentication of the passwords or PIN, tokens, smartcards, and the biometrics also.

Benefits of Multi Factor Authentication:

  • It provides the high security to the enterprise user both internally as well as externally.
  • It balances the security with the convenience and affordability
  • Eliminates all the gaps in the security that were there in 2FA on VPN
  • Protect the different resources of the organization as well such as servers, end points, VPN’s and much more.
  • Reduced cost as well as complexity

Easy to implement authentication factor.

Predictive Analysis is Really Needed

Predictive Analysis is Really Needed

Time Demands Change

The time has come for a technology like predictive analysis, with the competitive edge increasing in the markets more and more organizations are heading towards predictive analysis.

Predictive Analysis is Really Needed

Predictive analysis involves the advanced analysis and prediction of the future events well in advance and the data volumes with calculations and probabilities. These analysis can be applied to success forecasts, sales forecasts, demand forecasts, different evaluation, and predictive data volumes. Predictive analysis can not only support innovations in the already existing processes but can also predict the future planning for sales productions. These new insights provide the possibilities for the future businesses and products.

Looking at these insights even offer the capability to examine the future risks well in advance so that organizations can prepare them accordingly before any kind of information or monetary losses. Offering the valuable predictions about the growth of data and volumes in future, predictive analysis is really helpful. The well-renowned organizations are turning more and more towards predictive analysis as along with predicting about future needs, it also helps to unleash the new opportunities available in the future and to solve the most difficult problems. It is used to determine the customer demands and purchases in the days to come which can help companies to gain more business adopt the methodologies to increase profits and retain a much wider group of customers.

From Risks to Future Needs

The predictive analysis is offering different methods and ways for improved cyber security. The 2 Factor authentication has been used widely in combination with the predictive analysis for high-performance analysis and to examine the activities and actions in real time on the network that may cause potential risks as well as threats leading to loss of important data. The need for increased security for secure corporate emails can be best handled with the different tools used for predictive analysis offering the next level of security needed for data protection.

From forecasting the inventory to adopting 2FA on VPN need of everything can be foreseen in advance before any kind of loss with the help of predictive analysis tools. Also, the different credit score examinations that are done with predictive analysis help the companies to know the credit risks for a customer depending on his/ her credit worthiness. Different airlines and hotels used this model for predicting the sales in particular so that they can adjust their prices accordingly. Helping the organizations to work more efficiently by preparing them for future needs well in advance predictive analysis is really helpful.

Think Twice Before You Put Anything on Emails

Think Twice Before You Put Anything on Emails

No doubt the email systems can protect you from any kind of viruses and malware because of their security systems but you can’t say that these features can protect you from any kind of ignorance you give to the emails with the delicate messages. The emails though seem a secure way of sending information but keep in mind that one day your emails could be read aloud in a deposition. These emails have become even less secure than the conventional ways that were used in the ancient times to convey messages because those hard copies can even be discarded after reading or encrypting the messages but emails often leave the traces behind.

Also if an email is not encrypted properly it’s not secure, as it can be handled by others too and understanding the message without encryption is really easy. It is the main reason because of which top secret meetings are held over in private rooms instead of rolling the message over e-mails. The information sent over the emails can easily be forwarded to anyone and can be read by anyone making it very easier to get the information out of the email.

Techniques Like 2FA Can Offer Protection

Although the recent hacks and viruses spread have the strength and the encryption techniques to protect any kind of leakage of data into unauthorized hands. But without any doubt, the encrypted messages are also at risk as the future is not predictable and anyone would be able to count on these encrypted e-mail messages and that too very easily. So, the best possible way to avoid the leakage of the sensitive information into the hands that are not authorized to do so is to convey the sensitive information in personal meet ups. But that is also not possible every time as it can be the possibility that the receiver of your information can be sitting at the other corner of the world. Also, some techniques like 2FA for Google apps can also help to keep the bad guys out from the sensitive information leakage.

Often the Cyber security personals and workforce are criticized for not updating their operating soft ware’s and systems with the latest updates available. There are several problems in this also from the shortage of the workforce in Cyber security department, network complexity across the world, different types of attacks across the nations, lack of high-tech encryption techniques and much more.  Most of the fraudulent attacks and other virus attacks emerge because of the destructive minds of the IT professionals.

Laziness and Comfort Lead to These Situations

The main reason behind these information leaks is the laziness and lack of proper knowledge to roll out the emails with the sensitive information. Due to the ignorance at the level of employees, they often send out emails, lacking the ways to protect them to go into unauthorized hands. The easy and convenient ways chosen by them without bothering about the security of the messages the danger becomes so worse that it puts the data security of the whole nation at risk and leads to huge monetary losses as well. These things lead to the need for organizations to arrange proper cyber security training for each individual because everyone is not savvy in the way they handle the things.

The solution possible for this thing is the improved visibility to the things that are happening across the network. With this at least the organizations will have a clear picture of what actually is happening at different network layers which will provide the better chances of uncovering the things in the best way possible. From uncovering the different security breaches at different levels to secure corporate e-mails everything related to tackling the challenges to the security of information will become easier as well as faster. With improved visibility across the traffic, users and the applications that enable security such as IPS firewalls and much more to keep an eye on the things will become a lot easier.

Big Data-An Efficient Strategy for Collection and Storage of Large Volumes of Data

Big Data-An Efficient Strategy for Collection and Storage of Large Volumes of Data

With the concept of big data coming into a large amount of data is produced and shared every day. Such a large volume of data is generated through the internet of things, social networks and scientific data from different networks. As data has begun to be shared at much higher speeds same is the case with the volumes of data.

What really is this big data?

Big Data, including its nature, definitions, rapid growth rate, volume, management, analysis, and security. The future of this domain specifically is based upon the domination over the several issues it is facing, with the optimal challenges it has to face. Businesses are not only collecting the data volumes but they are also using them to improve customers’ experiences and their business processes. Big Data involves the data gathered by businesses and to store this data in a managed way for future needs.

Data storage requirements have changed a lot

Big data helps to generate new insights with a new wave of database links which even helps to incorporate the different innovative techniques for the data collection as well as storage purposes. And so is the approach that helps incorporate visualization techniques into data collection and use. Earlier there used to be a lot of dependency for data storage and collection but now with the introduction of the concept of big data, it has become faster to generate many new ideas through the knowledge received. The files that are shared and stored with the help of big data technology can be handled very easily without any kind of performance degradation that usually takes place with normal files.

Security needs have increased even more

For years, the use of two-factor authentication for security purposes was in high demand which means to ensure online security and was also used to secure corporate emails as well. But with technological advances, many new technologies and possibilities have been created which are offering more advanced security solutions.

So, to sum up, big data storage needs to be able to handle a capacity of large volumes of data taking care of the security aspect too because how big amount of data is it increases the concern for security too and the traditional 2 Factor authentication on VPN is increasingly replaced with own big data security techniques.

Big Data’s Future Is In Predictive Analytics

Big Data’s Future Is In Predictive Analytics

When it comes to the needs of modern business needs everything needs to be accomplished with the intelligence and this can help to achieve the business goals in a much better way. Reporting tools in the new era already need the analytic solutions that can define the future. To unlock more decisions for data as well as to achieve more accurate models in the present that can help companies to outgrow in future predictive analysis is the best option.

Future Predictions of Data

Predictive analysis is basically a process or method to extract the data from the current data sets that already exist and to use them to determine the future predictable growth of data or to determine the scalability of data for future needs that can help to determine the outcomes and trends of the future data sets. This analysis can be applied to different businesses to analyze the current data sets and then using them as a baseline along with some historical facts to get the risk the company can face in future or the opportunities that will lead to such increase in data.

Predictive analysis is growing outbound due to the advances in technology and because of which business intelligence too is seeing an unexpected increase in use cases. Many companies are seeing the investment in predictive analysis a need to grow their business and making it a top priority too. No matter what the business is such as weather model forecasting, crime prevention, genomics, human and knowledge performance indicators, natural resource exploration, project management, and other disciplines too.

To add the security to these data systems and to prevent such huge volumes of data from any kind of risks two-factor authentication is a wonderful bit. It requests that the user give both a password and verification from a source they have on their person and proper decryption is carried out for the data to protect it from any kind of the cyber-attacks.

Combining it With Real World Applications

Moreover the use of these predictive analyses is not just limited to the look into the future insights of the data growth but it can also be used in combination with real world data to get or generate the volume forecasts of data for the coming business months and years in advance so that the effects of it can be predicted well in advance. Such future predictions can help to get a better understanding as well as preparation for any kind of equipment failure and resource depletion that can happen due to such large volumes of data. The predictive analysis has made the things a lot easier providing a way to the organizations to think ahead of time which has a significant positive effect on the business as it is giving the data to the organization for forward thinking about the enterprise.

Predictive analysis helps a lot in customer relationship management (CRM) software. Predictive analysis helps the sales and marketing teams for providing pitches or content to individual customers. Predictive analysis takes data from different platforms and analyze it globally to get the future volumes. It allows much wider data expansion and gives the predictive analysis against the greater mass of data aggregated. This kind of analytics is the next big evolution in big data and holds a great future for the data prediction.

Security too Needs Attention

With such concepts of big data coming in security is the primary concern that comes and the passwords and other data needs real protection which can be obtained through 2 Factor authentication on VPN. Two-factor authentication, though better than a password-based system, resulted in bad user experience due to which users are switching more towards big data authentication. Moreover, secure corporate mail is the another concern which needs to be taken care of in between these concepts of predictive data analysis as well as big data storage.