AuthShield Multi Factor Authentication

Enhance your security by enabling Multi Factor Authentication with Network, Web applications, mail or any IT infrastructure where user name and password is required. AuthShield offers simple and convenient Multi Factor Authentication integration with our Cloud base infrastructure.


"Very Innovative and Considerably cheap compared to other solutions."

  • Satya Prasad Mishra DGM It, DL Infrastructure
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"Easy to use since there is no concept of OTP. Has made 2FA very convenient for us."

  • Munish Bhutani DGM It, National Housing Bank
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"Seamless integration with our SAP."

  • Dr. Gautam Mahatapra Scientist 'F', DRDO
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"Only solution which could give complete protection to our mails."

  • Atul Bansal GM IT, Gateway Rail Freight
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"Integration with our VPN in less than 15 minutes"

  • Rohit Vohra Manager IT, Vatika Real Estate
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All you want to Know about Software as a Service The last decade has seen some serious rise in the amount of cyber crime. With all the technological advancement and digitization of personal data a need for better security system is called for. Cyber criminals too have become technologically advanced. They find cracks in […]

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PC Quest

Have you thought of securing Internet of Things

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Is India’s social data compromised, is it an easy target to cyber-warfare? Source by: National security is not about having a large army anymore. It is about destroying the command and control centre not just with bombs but also with cyber warfare. Bots, viruses, Trojans and worms are finding their way into smartphones. Do […]

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CEO Email Fraud Becoming Rampant with Hackers Targeting High Officials Source by: In August 2015, a top official of one of the Indian regulators wrote a note to his IT team asking what they were doing to protect his emails. The official had enough reasons to be concerned as every decision that the regulator […]

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“Defense and Paramilitary Organisations use Innefu’s Security Solutions” Source by: Innefu Labs is a relatively younger company in the cyber security space in India. However, the company has won quite a few elite customers from Indian defense and CRPF for its multifactor authentication solutions. Innefu Labs is now gearing up to strengthen its footprint […]

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Does India’s New IPR Policy Go Far Enough? Source by: Various stakeholders in the security industry are expressing some concerns about India’s first National Intellectual Property Rights policy, which was adopted on May 13 . For example, some security leaders, while welcoming the policy as an important step toward protecting intellectual property and creating […]

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Governance Now

When Banking Goes Mobile Source: With the increase in adoption of mobile banking applications, there is also a rise in security risks associated with them Net banking is becoming passé. Banks today are offering their services on mobile phones for the convenience of users. Around 59 percent of customers avail various banking services on […]

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SME World/ Express Computer/ Datacentre Management

Have You Thought of Securing “Internet of Things”? IoT Bridges the Gap Between Digital and Physical Worlds Source 1:–iot-bridges-the-gap-between-digital-and-physical-worlds#.VzWFwtJ97IU Source Source 3: The Internet of Things (IoT) market growth is rapidly changing. The internet is becoming widely available and the cost of connecting is decreasing each day. More devices are being created using […]

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Business Insider

A large number of CEOs globally are falling prey to email frauds Source: If you thought that cyber crime, especially hacking, is limited to bank accounts, personal mail IDs and spreading scams, you would be amazed to know the rising trend in corporate galleries. Hackers are increasingly targeting the emails of top management of companies […]

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A New Dimension to Cyber Security in 2016

2015 has been a year where we have seen so many of big breaches, that everyone is well aware the damage caused by cyber-attacks. So you might be wondering what’s in store for 2016? Well, with the continuation of growth in mobile malware, the breaches have been increasing and specifically in domains such as financial […]

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Passwords Are Soon to Be Passe, Two-factor Authentication is Going to Be In

Passwords have been the most common form of authentication since the inception of computers. And they have continued to be so till today. People usually tend to forget their passwords easily, they have difficulty remembering them. Consequently, people set easy passwords and often re-use them for a number of accounts. The use of special characters […]

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Need of Multi-factor Authentication in Education Industry

One of the largest portion of Internet users is comprised of students, teachers and various educational institutions. Students require to access internet at regular intervals, they are one of the most frequent users. Universities are one of the significant users of internet and computer based system. All this calls for a secure system where the […]

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Multi Factor Authentication: The Emerging Trend in Cyber Security Domain

The last decade has seen some serious rise in the amount of cyber crime. With all the technological advancement and digitization of personal data a need for better security system is called for. Cyber criminals too have become technologically advanced. They find cracks in the security systems easily and take advantage of it. A single […]

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Cyber Crime- the Biggest Challenge to Business

Over the last decade there has been a revolution in the use of internet. And every business, no matter how big or small, which deals with internet, runs through a potential danger of falling prey to cyber crime. India is as prone to these threats as any other country. From 2005 to 2014 cyber crimes […]

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